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The problem is that there is no specific value for "B" The "B" condition is the absence of the "A" value in any of the tags. Say i use "else" for no "A" condition and there are three tags total.If one tag equals "A" but the others do not, I get the "A" section, but I also get the "B" section twice. - webguy. yesterday. Liquid is a template language that Shopify uses for all pages within a theme. The theme.liquid will be the main file (if not the only theme file) you'll need to edit in order to add your custom meta tags. ... Click Actions, then select Edit Code. In the Code Explorer, go to the Templates folder and select the product.liquid file. Luii. 224 East.

Liquid objects represent variables that you can use to build your theme.

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Shopify Liquid A complete developer experience for Shopify themes. Official VS Code extension for Shopify Liquid powered by Theme Check the Liquid linter and language server for online store themes..

Oct 22, 2022 · I'm trying to figure out how to set a value in the Shopify Flow conditions that shows the multiple of a certain number. We're sending coupon emails to customers who continued the subscription every 6 times, and currently we need to keep changing the condition value to 6, 12, 18....and so on. Could....

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