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Python program to print name 5 times using while loop

For example, your program needs the name of the user to print a welcome message. You can write the input statement as input ("Enter your name:- "). It displays the message to the user. Subsequently, try the following code in IDE. # getting name of the user user_name = input ("Enter your name:- ") print ("Hi,", user_name, "\b!").

Develop a program to read names of two sports that you and your friends love to play and watch. Then generate all sentences where the subject is in ["I", "We"], the verb is in ["play", "watch"] and the object is in the two sports. Use lists to store the words and generate the sentences by iterating through the lists using deeply nested loops.

Feb 03, 2021 · Write a program in Python to print your name 5 times. Solution: Here comes the program. 1. Using loop. for i in range(5): print("My name is abcd.") 2. Without using loop. print("My name is abcd. "*5) When strings are multiplied with any number (n) , the new string formed becomes the original string repeated n times. See the attachment for ....

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Python Program to print the table of a given number) Python Program to print the table of a given number table program in python using while loop python program to ask the user for a number, and then print the multiplication table (up to 12 x the number).

But it is also possible that there are multiple conditions to execute the loop. Here is one such example: #!/usr/bin/env python3 i = 1 j = 10 while i < 5 and j > 1 : i += 1 j -= 1 print (i, j) Here.

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