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Moon square saturn celebrities

Mars is the planet of action but this week it’s been held tight in a square aspect with the planet that slams on the brakes, Saturn. Mars in Pisces wants to dream, be creative, pursue fantasies whilst Saturn says ‘hang on a minute, mate, but is that realistic?’ Saturn can be the party pooper of the heavens, the big guy who halts your plans.

Venus-Saturn celebrities. July 12, 2008 by Jeffrey Kishner 3 Comments. Related posts and resources: Does Saturn-Venus mean perpetual failure in love? astroqveen22 on Astrology Truth or Myth: Moon Square Venus Means A Lifetime Of Unsatisfying Relationships.

Mars of person 1 square any planet of person 2, especially Mars, Saturn or Uranus: the Mars square can bring hate (at first sight). While Mars of person 1 square the Moon or the Sun of the other may instantly bring irresistible attraction, the feelings may evolve and end in a painful experience if there are no other supportive harmonious aspects.

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A Venus-Saturn square, whether it’s in the birth chart (which some of you have) or by transit (which we all experience at times) demands that we ask ourselves these things. Rather than explain. And Nelson Mandela was freed from jail in early 1990, after spending 27 years – nearly a whole Saturn cycle – incarcerated. Now is the Saturn Return of 1989 and 1990. With Uranus and Neptune also in Capricorn, giving us a neat little Millennial sub-generation with the most fabulous astrology, it was a bit like now.

What does that mean for Venus square Saturn? As a planet in our birth charts, Venus represents giving and receiving. Venus is about love, pleasure, and art. However, what one perceives as joy depends on the Zodiac sign where this planet lies. Venus is responsible for courtship and passion, but it also dictates what pleases us aesthetically.


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